10 Extension for Google Chrome

Small applications that you may install on your Google Chrome browser to enhance its capabilities are known as Chrome add-ons or extensions.

A snapshot of a webpage or keyword volume study may be carried out immediately in the Chrome browser using these apps. CSS, JavaScript, and HTML scripts are commonly used to create these extensions.

1. Mercury Reader


To provide a clean and consistent reading experience, the Mercury Reader plugin for Chrome eliminates advertising, distracting content, and other elements from the page. You may turn off the background noise and clutter on a webpage with just one click.

Send To Kindle feature Toggle between bright or dark themes while adjusting typeface, text size, and theme colour. There is a keyboard shortcut (Cmd + Esc for Mac users, Alt +’for Windows users) that may be used to quickly switch to Reader on any article page. The best way to print Sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and Email..

2. DuckDuckGoPrivacyEssentials

To safeguard your privacy in Chrome, DuckDuckGo’s plugin serves just one function. With the aid of these privacy necessities, you can be assured that no information about you will be leaked during normal online activity.

3. The Camelizer

Access past price history data from Comelcamelcamel.com features may be accessed from your computer browser. Please click on the Camel icon in your address bar to view previous pricing data or to set up watches to get an email when the price lowers.

4. Midnight Lizard

Night mode, dark themes, a blue light filter and screen shader, as well as high contrast and grayscale colour schemes may be applied to any website.

5. Full Page Screen Capture

Reliable capture of your current page in its entirety without requiring any further permissions.
Taking a full page snapshot of the current web page is the easiest method to accomplish it with Internet Explorer. To take a screenshot, click on the extension icon (or press Alt+Shift+P), and you’ll be taken to a new tab where you may save it as an image or PDF, or even drag it to your desktop.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly can help you with anything from grammar and spelling to style and tone. When you write on Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter or LinkedIn, Grammarly will provide you real-time comments. This is a writing helper that gives precise ideas to help you improve your work. It goes far beyond grammar and offers a wide range of other features.

7. All Netflix Categories

More than 27000 Hidden Netflix Secret Categories may be unlocked with this addon. Numbers used to access hidden films and television programmes. In addition to the conventional Action, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, and the like this addon unlocks a hidden master list of genres that goes much beyond the ordinary. In order to match the correct material to the right mood, categories and genres are divided into hundreds of subgenres and subcategories.

8. The Great Suspender Original

This is the Great Suspender Original suspends unneeded tabs in order to conserve memory. Options for shortcuts, periodic suspending and other features are available in the options menu that may be customised to your needs.

9. Click&Clean

One-click on the Click&Clean button deletes all entered URLs, cache, cookies, and your download and browsing history instantaneously. Click&Clean is a free and unique solution for your PC, Mac, or Chromebook that will help you keep it clean.

10. uBlock Origin

A free and open-source browser plugin for content filtering, including ad-blocking, uBlock Origin is available for a variety of platforms. There are numerous browsers for which the extension is available: Chrome, Chromium (Chrome), Edge (Edge), Firefox, Opera, Pale Moon, and Safari. CPU and memory efficiency are its major features.

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