Microsoft Acquires Cycle Computing, Why?

Cycle Computing is a company that has been developing and supporting high-end computer systems for data centres and financial institutions. Cycle Computing’s software makes it possible to run the applications on these machines at an unprecedented speed.

Microsoft acquired Cycle Computing in November 2018. The reasons why Microsoft wanted to acquire Cycle Computing are unknown. The company was profitable and had $300 million in revenue when Microsoft acquired it. Cycle Computing’s software can be used to speed up the processing of data, which is why it might have appealed to Microsoft.

But what exactly did they do with Cycle Computing? Microsoft is a software company, so it’s possible that they simply purchased the Cycle Computing name and technology. Theoretically, Microsoft could have used Cycle Computing to speed up its own applications. But if this was the case, then why did they acquire a data centre company? Or is there something else going on? Cycle Computing’s CEO was aware of the acquisition. When he found out about it, he told his employees that Microsoft wanted to use Cycle Computing technology in its cloud computing service Azure.

Cycle Computing

Cycle Computing has developed a server system with an Intel Xeon processor called Summit X- series. This system can be used to run the most demanding workloads in a data centre, such as machine learning and AI applications. But there is more to Cycle Computing than just this server system. The company also offers an application called Summit X-series Accelerator for Linux. This product allows the execution of intensive tasks, such as image recognition and data processing, in an efficient manner.

Microsoft’s cloud computing service Azure has made the use of Summit X-series Accelerator for Linux possible. Microsoft uses this system to accelerate AI applications that are run on Azure. These include services like Face Detection, Video Classification and AI Image Search. Microsoft has not yet commented on the acquisition of Cycle Computing or if it plans to use its technology in Azure.

But there is no doubt that this technology will be used for other applications as well. Microsoft has already developed its own server system called the Azure Cloud Switch. This is a low-cost hardware switch that allows customers to manage their cloud computing infrastructure using software tools. So it’s very likely that Microsoft will use Cycle Computing technology in other products and services as well.

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